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Chagall Flying Lovers

…and the Chagall’s Flying Lovers really fly…


An important exhibition on the artworks of Marc Chagall, held in Catania, Castello Ursino.


The project

Inspired by the art by Marc Chagall, and particularly by the renowned artwork “Over the Town”, we realized a video projection where the typical elements of Chagall’s art appear as if seen from a window of the Castello Ursino Castle: the flying lovers really fly over the town, the typical Chagall’s colors fill the space one after the other, and there you see the bird, the moon, the cock passing over the landscape.

When: 18/10/2015 – 13/02/2016
Where: “Chagall Love and Life” – Exhibition, Castello Ursino – Catania
What: Videoprojection

What we made

Concept, project design, multiprojection, interaction design, programming, animation and videos.