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Al Verde (Out of Pocket)

Come and empty your pocket to generate living holograms. The more you have, the more they live. Until you are… out of pocket.
“Al verde” (literally “at green”) is the italian expression for “broke”, “to be on the rocks”, “down and out”, without a penny in your pocket. 
Project selected for Kinetica Art Fair – London

The project

Loop designed original holographic boxes with special sensors. Inside these holographic boxes, an evolution process is activated by human fertilizer, people’s own seeds.

By lending personal objects to the artwork, people become active creators. Life depends on the contribution of the visitors as each hologram is dedicated to a different interpretation of flora, from the fabulous to the hyper-realistic. When people get close to the artwork, they are asked to empty their pockets and lead the objects on the boxes. The more that is loaded on, the more the world inside grows. Every object has a unique weight and activates the growth in an unpredictable way. Take life out of your pocket! And empty them!

When: 19/09/2014 – 16/10/2014
Where: Kinetica Art Fair 2014 – London
What: Interactive Art Hologram

What we made

Concept, project design, interactive programming, visual graphic, 3d animation, holographic box design.