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Augmented Tower

How to augment a tower: a medieval tower becomes an installation of digital art. A new vertical art experience in an old cultural heritage.

The project

Torre Aumentata [+] (Augmented Tower) is a project of digital art in the medieval Prendiparte Tower. This project arises from the desire to live history through modernity, to appraise local cultural heritage using the tower as a vertical thread. History is not told, it is lived through the interaction of the public with the floors of the Prendiparte Tower: 12 floors, 12 original installations: artistic, scenographic and interactive. The first “vertical” multimedia art installation ever!

When: 12/12/2013 – 27/01/2014
Where: Prendiparte Tower – Bologna
What: Interactive Multimedia Experience

What we made

Concept, project design of 12 original installations, interaction design, programming, audiovisual contents, setup, communication, marketing, ticket office, security, catering and cleaning.