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All That Is Solid

A renowned skull melts away when you blow. A critical interpretation of the economic value of contemporary art linked to the social experience of modernity.

The project

A video-projection inside a jewelry shop. It shows the Damien Hirst’s skull artwork, reproduced in a 3d hologram, suspended in space. Outside, next to the shop-window, there is a curious spring attached to the shop window. The more you blow, the more the diamonds are blown away. Finally the pear-shaped pink diamond in the forehead blows away. The skull remains naked, until some more blows make it melt away into air.

The artwork recalls the volatility of the value of contemporary art (the Hirst’s skull is the most expensive contemporary artwork) and in general the ephemeral impermanence of reality testified by the title (All that is solid melts into air) which not by chance is also a quote from the first page of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx as well as the title of one of the most interesting sociological works on the characteristics of modernity (Marshall Berman, All that is solid melts into air. The Experience of Modernity, 1982)

When: Art City White Night 2013
Where: Cristian Defranchi Jewelry Bologna (first exhibition)
What: Interactive Art Installation

What we made

Concept, project design, contents, graphics, programming.