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Recondite Formelle

Forgotten pieces of history brought back to life.
Interactive Architectural Mapping on Piazza Maggiore.

The project

Recondite Formelle (secret sandstone panels) is an interactive work of art dedicated to the decorative sandstone panels of the Podestà Palace.

Passers-by, walking on the Crescentone (the round walkway in the middle of Piazza Maggiore), liven up an interactive video projection on the whole façade of the Podestà Palace, an ever-changing landscape that will combine flowery with abstract patterns.

Technology enables passers-by in the square to revive the sandstone panels and makes them move on the façade of the Podestà Palace.

When: 27/12/2013 – 03/01/2014
Where: Piazza Maggiore – Bologna
What: Interactive Architectural Mapping

What we made

Concept, project design, multi projection, interaction design, programming, 3d animation, audio and video.