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Spill Life 2
Give life to a virtual garden by spilling water in the well. And an ancient cloister is filled with a growing natural world.
The project

“Spill Life 2 – Versus Natura” is the evolution of the interactive installation “Spill Life”.

The revisitation is dedicated to the compelling cloister of Palazzo Bevilacqua Ariosti in Bologna.

The concept of the temporary art installation is to give visitors the opportunity to interact with nature in the cloister through the gesture of spilling to stimulate growth. Generated by this ancient gesture of spilling, the still life comes alive again in digital form.

When: 22/01/2015 – 25/01/2015
Where: Palazzo Bevilacqua Ariosti – ArteFiera White Night – Bologna
What: Interactive Art Installation
What we made

Concept, project design, interaction design, programming, 3d animation

Installation for the art exhibition AS ABOVE SO BELOW curated by Eli Sassoli de’ Bianchi and Olivia Spatola, during Bologna Art White Nights.

Sound design by Marta Coletti