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Loop is the winner of ArteLaguna Art Prize 2015 (Business Art Section for the brand Pas de Rouge by Gritti) with an interactive blowing installation.

The project

In order to enhance the company’s “Soft appeal”, Loop conceived BESIDES, a multimedia installation suitable for walls or shop windows. The project includes mirrors, vibration sensors, LED screens, commanded by a hidden mini pc, where the interaction with the viewer, or in this case with customers in stores, is the core of the installation.

In BESIDES, the viewer is reflected on a seemingly ordinary mirror, on whose surface fluffy and light elements like feathers, leaves and petals do fly once in a while, as well as a hole with the words “Blow here”, inviting the viewer to interact. It is breath that activates the work and triggers original communication of the Pas de Rouge products.

After the exhibition, BESIDES will be used by Gritti company for their shop windows.

When: 21/03/2015 – 5/04/2015
Where: ArteLaguna Art Prize – Venice
What: Interactive Art Installation – Winner of the Business Art Section

What we made

Concept, project design, interaction design, programming, 3d animation.