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The first 3d animated short movie in local dialect. Listen to the pigeons talking in Bolognese.

The project

The cartoon is an operation of modern and original enhancement of a linguistic and cultural tradition such as the dialect. The text, largely in the Bolognese dialect, takes into account the more genuine Petronian way of speaking, using traditional expressions and idioms. The voices of the characters are by three of the most significant representatives of the modern use of the Bolognese dialect (Gigén Livra, Vito, Carla Astolfi), the song is sung by the most important Bolognese singer-songwriter (Fausto Carpani)

The linguistic rigor respectful of tradition is combined with the creation of a present-day and amusing story, and with modern and original characters: Pirån, the pigeon who speaks only dialect, a little grumpy but good-natured, who works as a pigeon in the main city square; Lucio, the magpie, clumsy rampant, insistent and breathless salesman from a very current precariousness; Argia, Pirån’s wife and zdåura ruler of the house, grumpy and decisive but also romantic and dreamy, inimitable sfoglina (special local pasta maker).

The project gave rise to 2 DVDs, sold in thousands of copies in Bologna and its province, in which, in addition to the cartoons, there are documentaries that illustrate the current situation of the Bolognese dialect, pigeons in Bologna, the history of sfoglia, etc.

When: 2006 – 2007
Where: Future Film Festival – 2nd prize
What: 3d short movies in Bologna dialect

What we made

Concept, screenplay, characters, 3d modeling, animation, render, audio, dubbing track, subtitles (ITA-ENG-BUL), DVD graphics and programming, independent production and distribution