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Artistic Project

'Augmented Tower' is a project of digital art in the Torre Prendiparte, in the very heart of the city of Bologna.

This project arises from the desire to live history through modernity, to appraise local cultural heritage using memory as a vertical thread.

History is not told: it is lived through the interaction of the public with the tower, giving new life to the ancient past resting in the tower.

The future is the narrative medium thanks to technology and interaction between audience and virtual reality, interactive video productions, augmented reality and many others new ways to interact..

Prendiparte Tower

Built in the twelfth century by the guelph Prendiparte family, as the last bulwark against the attacks of enemies of the Prendiparte Tower also known as Coronata Tower. It reaches a height of 60 meters, making it the second highest after Asinelli Tower.

The 12 floors of the structure are now perfectly accessible. This tower, along with the Asinelli tower are some of the most ancient found among major buildings preserved to this day.

Experiential Path

In the city of the towers, a multimedial path in which interactive installations and artistic videoproduction are linked together with the history of the City.

Hanging between memory and innovation, the audience will be absorbed by forgot sounds, suggestive images and sensorial solicitations.


With the Patronage of :

In collaboration with:

Bologna "Selva Turrita"

The antagonism between the families was one of the main reason for building the Tower.

The tower was also a symbol of power and prestige.

Bologna often appears as "selva turrita" in literature and painting (from Guido Reni to Francesco Francia, from Dante to Goethe and Dickens).



Map and opening hours

The Tower is open from 25 to 26 january 2014.

Opening times:

saturday 25 10 am – 1 am
(the gate will close at 00:30 am);

sunday 26 10 am – 11 pm
(the gate will close at 10:30 pm);

Enlarged map visualisation


Ticket price
12 euros

Under 18, over 65, university students, teachers, carers fors disabled,groups of 5 or more people, ArteFiera ticket holders: 8 euros

Coop Card: 10 euros

Free entrance disabled and children up to 14

NB: The Tower has no elevator


Organization and press office:

Laura Farolfi

tel: 051/222395


address: Via San Pier Tommaso 5, 40139 - Bo


Loop is a team of professional and creatives specialised in interaction design and 3D animation.

Loop creates immersive ambients, interactive video mapping and artistic installations. Loop’s artistic projecting starts from the message and the space, and comes alive with the use of new technologies.

Loop projects:
computer visions and interaction design for augmented experiences.


Project Management: Claudio Mazzanti

Art Direction: Patrizio Ansaloni

Office manager and press office: Laura Farolfi

Multimedia design and video contents: Andrea Nadalini

Software development: Antonio Casamassima

Graphics design and 3d video: Vincenzo Coloccia


2006 - Piccionaia 1 (Pizunèra)

2007 - Piccionaia 2 (Un bèl usèl)

2010 - Bologna’s stand exhibition project - Shanghai Expo 2010

2012 - FlowAR - Augmented Reality installation for the fashion event "difioreinfiore"

2013 - All that is solid melts into air (interactive video-installation with blow for the Art City White Night 2013)

2013 - Fuorisalone 2013 - immersive interactive exhibition Showroom Marcona 3 - Milano

2013 - Augmented Tower

2013 - From the 27th of December 2013 to the 3rd of January 2014, Loop will be in the Piazza Maggiore (Bo) with an artistic video-installation, with the support of Comune di Bologna

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