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Taste Manufacture

A special taste travel into Bolognese cuisine. Three interactive installations in the City Museum “Genus Bononiae” using sensitive fabrics.


The Bologna City Museum “Genus Bononiae” would like to open a new section on the food of Bologna. Three installations were planned, on typical Bologna products: tagliatelle, tortellini, mortadella. They talk about the history of each product, in an easy and engaging way.


The project

The project focuses on the original use of fabrics for interaction, with a different solution for each installation.

In “Tortellino Memories”, you have to stretch different fabrics in order to play videos.

In “Tagliatella Symposium”, there are three different touch fabrics that give life to a hologram.

“Mortadella Machine” is a memory game: you have to press the fabric in the right order and the machine produces a symbolic piece of mortadella.

When: since September 2015 – permanent
Where: Genus Bononiae – Bologna City Museum
What: 3 Interactive Fabric Installations

What we made

Project design, interaction design, programming, videos.