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Drop Fall

Permanent art installation on water as a common good inside the Bari International Airport.

The project

The fascinating “Drop Fall” sculpture welcomes the travellers at the arrival of Bari International Airport. Loop has successfully delivered on the ambitious call for bid, and created a truly unique and innovative art installation for the new terminal building, dedicated to the water as a common resource.

The impressive sculpture has a height of 15 meters and is composed by three elements:

  • a lighting cloud;
  • a LED drop which falls from the center of the cloud;
  • a massive monolith containing suggestive holograms with liquid effects.

The sculpture represents in a virtual and artistic way the cycle of water and the drops that little by little broke the stone.

The monolith contains a screen that lets all the travellers be transformed into drops: every photo-drop added in the water inside the monolith activates the cycle of water, the lights in the cloud and the LED drop.

We are made of water and we take part in the water cycle.

When: since 26 January 2015 – permanent
Where: Bari International Airport Karol Wojtyla
What: Permanent Interactive Multimedia Sculpture

What we made

Concept, project design, LED programming, graphics, videos, sound, interactive programming, installation.